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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Counting Down the Days...

I have that feeling that I used to get when I was a little girl. That feeling of sheer excitement I’d get a few days before my birthday party when I had just been to the store with my mom to pick out all of the decorations and favors, selected my cake and was trying to pump my brothers for hints about the contents of the beautifully wrapped gifts just waiting for my big day. Yesterday, I came across this awesome news over on The Love List. Then today, I saw this promo air on Bravo.

My current design crush is actually a ménage à trois. Bob and Cortney Novogratz are a husband and wife design team who own the NYC based design firm Sixx Design, and authors of my current favorite design book, "Downtown Chic”. I’m in love with their chic, eclectic style of combining old and new; budget friendly items with definitely not so budget friendly items, and amazing detailing solutions. These two think crazy far out side of the box to solve those annoying little design problems. Why have a typical sliding door to get to your patio from your kitchen when you could have a fully operational garage door instead?

The extra cool twist to these two is that they are the parents of SEVEN children! I’m tired just thinking about that. Their crazy lives are featured on Bravo’s new docu-series, 9 By Design, premiering Tuesday, April 13. I have followed (and worshiped) Sixx Design’s work for years and cannot wait for a behind the scenes look at their design process and personal lives as they take on several new design projects including the design/construction of their own home.

Kitchen to patio via a garage door

Novogratz clan

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