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This is a journal of sorts of our ideas (as the design goddesses that we are) that don't necessarily get executed and instead just live in our heads. Punctuated of course with things we just plain love, covet, or if you will..."Olive Juice".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To You, From Us

Welcome to Olive Juice!

Go ahead. Mouth it in the Mirror. It looks exactly like "I Love You," doesn’t it?

As designers, (Liz is an interior designer; Natalie is in fashion) we are constantly inspired by random things that we come across in everyday life. Ideas that are sparked yet tend to just rattle around in our heads and rarely ever see the light of day. Ideas that inspire a design, items that we covet, admire, long for; etc.
After countless Pinot Grigio fueled nights of us discussing the vintage sofa we just saw and love, shoes we HAVE to have, the new Burberry/Missoni/J. Crew spring line that we are drooling over, the funky new restaurant we just tried, the best shade of pink paint we have ever seen, (you get the picture)...we decided to write (well, type) it all down....and share it with YOU!
This is a journal of things that we just plain love, or if you will..."Olive Juice".

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Elizabeth said...

Love it! You are entrepreneurs in the making! Can't wait to see what's on your mind next! Oh, and OLIVE JUICE!!