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Monday, March 15, 2010

It IS Easy Being Green.

After a lovely weekend in Chicago celebrating St Patty's Day (think one green river and many green beers), I started thinking about some of my favorite uses of the color green in interiors. A unique characteristic of the color green can take on completely different moods depending on the shade. Not many other colors have such a range of transformation.

I have always worshiped the color of Will Truman's kitchen on Will and Grace. The emerald tone makes a bold, dramatic statement. I love to mix deep jewel tones like this with an animal (cheetah) print for an unexpected kick.

A bright green lends an energizing feel to a space especially when paired with a second bright color like orange.


I yellow-green can give a space fresh feeling (perfect for curing spring fever). It's especially sharp when contrasted with white.


A soft green can create a calming, serene retreat in any room.

Check out Rod Stewart's Beverly Hills home:


My laundry would always be SO clean if I had this room to do it in:


And then just for fun...

Chicago River dyed green:

Pub crawlin' with Chicago friends...look at all that green!:

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