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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Love Affair: Black and White

I love black. I love white. The danger with combining black and white is that they can lean towards boring without a punch color or two. A fun belt, some red shoes, fabulously large and dangling Anthro-esque turquoise earrings with a crisp white button down and big collar…you get it my point. One instance where I absolutely adore a plain, black and white match up is a staircase.

I love the stark contrast of a bright white rise, with the heavy black run. It’s always a clean look. A b&w staircase also creates a blank canvas to really go wild with a dramatic handrail or runner without competing for attention.

Some of my favorites:



And my all time favorite…love, love, love this runner (when used correctly, obviously)

When my dear friend, Nat, moved into a new house in Uptown a few months back she asked me for some paint advice for her staircase. Of course I suggested my old stand by favorite b&w…and voila!
Now all she needs is some fun art!


Susan said...

Love the black and white. Great steps Nat!

Kristin ~ Bien Living said...

Love the first picture!