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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snapshots of a Weekend…

This past weekend, I volunteered to watch my “nephew” while my brother and sister in law were in Vegas. My “nephew” is a 10 month old Black Lab puppy. Emphasis on PUPPY. Think lots of running off energy at the dog park and very, very little sleeping. I found myself sticking close to home with him whenever possible. Even with very little uninterrupted sleep (apparently laying on your head is cuddling in puppy world); it turned out to be a lovely, low key weekend.

Clockwise from upper right…

1. worked at the shop
2. started my bookclub book which is set in Sweden so I treated myself to some Swedish Fish, naturally
3. movies and tea (Lemongrass Green Tea from Good Earth: I'm obsessed)
4. LOTS of caffeine to keep up with a puppy
5. more work at the shop
6. many, many walks to the dog park
7. some light baking*
8. sofa lounging with the pup

* I don’t bake. I just like to decorate the baked item so I buy the break-n-bake variety and simply roll it out. This gets me to the fun part much quicker. Perfect for my attention span.

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Anonymous said...

What a good Auntie you are. Brod is one lucky dog. Love the blog!